Company Policy / Our Mission

The Pursuit of Smiles
1. From our customers
We reach out to the hearts of our customers by providing delicious food using only the finest natural ingredients and prepared with whole-hearted dedication. We strive to provide warm and sincere service, bringing smiles to our customers.
2. From our employees
We strive to grow as individuals, as a team and as a company by learning and working together towards our common goals, marking our achievements with smiles.
3. From our business partners & the society
We aim to connect with and bring smiles to our business associates and the society through our success.

Corporate Information

Head Office
Address 171 Kampong Ampat #04-01 Ka Food Link
Singapore 368330
Tel 65-6288-3110
Fax 65-6288-2005
Established 28th October 1999
Capital S$ 800,000
Main Business 1, Manufacturer of bread, cakes and confectionery;
2, Cafes, coffee houses, and snack bars (Inc lunch counters and refreshment stands)
Managing Director Ono Hiromi