A Showcase of Our Pride

walnut raisins Walnut Raisins
A mild nutty taste of crunchy walnuts and occasional raisins call for a sweet twist.
chocolate twist Chocolate Twist
A sweet bread with chocolate swirls and almond crunch.
Koshi An Pan
A traditional bun with smooth red bean paste (without skin).
koshi an pan Milk Bun
Soft on the outside, softer on the inside. The smooth, creamy and milky filling will take your breath away.
milk bun
light pound cake Light Pound Cake
This cake is an underrated performer. Simplicity says it all. Enjoy with any beverage of your choice and you will be left smiling all day long.
cheese bun Cheese Bun
Cheesy, sticky and chewy on the inside, this little ball explodes with flavour in your mouth. Try the fried version covered with soy powder and fine sugar, even better!
Cream Cheese Sesame
The light and flaky sesame pastry is a fine complement to the cream cheese within. They work hand in hand as a great snack anytime.
cream cheese sesame Walnut Cream Cheese
This bread is wholesome. The generous walnut bits and cream cheese charge you with energy to kick-start the day.
walnut cream cheese
choc and cream wassant Choco and cream wassant
These little breads are anything but boring. Soft and fluffy, sweet and tasty, a favourite for all ages.