Top Quality

The ingredients we use at Provence have gone through strict supervision and of the highest quality. We serve a wide selection of creative bread recipes made from the finest ingredients and quality wheat. We try our best to use only the most natural ingredients in the process of baking, taking into full consideration of providing foods of the safest standards for everyone.
A Fine Creation
Provence is a unique Japanese style bakery and cafe in Singapore. Every piece of bread in Provence is hand-made from scratch whole-heartedly by our dedicated bakers. It is evident in every bite. While many conventional bakeries in Singapore would purchase mass produced or factory backed to sell in their shop and others would simply get ready-mixed frozen dough from factories to bake in their shop. Provence on the other hand is fully equipped with necessary baking tools for in-house made-from-scratch products so you get only the freshest bread hot off the oven.  
This Cafe Sets the Mood
Take-out, eat-in, up to you. The moment you step into Provence, there is a real sense of feeling at ease as the aroma our wide selection of breads welcomes you. The ambience of the cafe by the patio is typically Europe, as you enjoy your tasty bread and freshly brewed coffee, what more is there to ask for?